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Business and Strategy Development Training

Duration 3 Days

Our Business and Strategy Development Training will enable you to explore techniques in strategic thinking and business planning, and invoke your finest thinking while applying a variety of methodologies to develop the skills to create plans which align with your corporate goals.

Ambiguity is unsettling. Faced with it, you are tempted to reach for a fast, perhaps familiar and potentially wrong solutions, so we will help you to recognise and manage the seven fatal thinking flaws, re-frame problems to get to root causes and challenge current beliefs and mindsets, including your own.


We want managers to walk away from this strategy development event feeling enthused, committed to implementation, confident, willing to collaborate, and the feedback below from our last event confirms we did just that!

Learning and Development Business Partner, It was a real pleasure working with you too and thanks once again for everything you have done for us. There is a real buzz that has been generated on the back of the workshops and a commitment to address strategy development in several business areas



Business managers are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate objectives. Reviewing strategic decisions regularly is essential to respond to changes in the environment and address threats and opportunities.

Strategic plans:

  • Serve as a framework for decisions or for securing support/ approval
  • Provide a basis for more detailed planning
  • Explain the business to others to provide direction, inform, motivate and involve
  • Assist bench-marking and performance monitoring
  • Stimulate change and become a building block for the next plan


Managers who develop business strategies allow the operational managers to align to related corporate objectives by turning those strategies into action plans to test emerging ideas, managing their implementation, and monitoring and evaluating results. Technology can help in this process, but the key requirement is for the managers themselves to develop a strategic mindset, and a familiarity with best practice techniques in the field of strategic thinking and business planning.

Strategic planning relies on strategic thinking for execution, read out latest blog if your plan is lost in the woods


This business and strategy development training will enable those attending to work together to develop an understanding the strategic business planning process and to equip them with tools, behaviours and techniques which will enable them to create strategic business Business and Strategy Development Trainingplans. The approach taken in this training course is in line with the moral of Maslow’s remark.
Our approach to business and strategy development training is to avoid hammering strategy issues with only one approach so we will present you with a variety of ways of approaching strategic decisions.

Understanding a broad range of approaches is not an end in itself but a means for more effective strategizing.


  • This event is specifically aimed at developing strategic thinking and planning techniques. It is aimed at leadership teams and delivered in house.
  • We will customise the content up to 30% completely free of charge
  • 90% of business strategies fail due to poor execution
  • Consider how your management teams will benefit from this development programme.



Contact Business and Strategy Development TrainingJoy at Spectrain to chat about how this course could be contextualised for your organisation.


To win at strategy execution, you and your leadership team need to be 100% committed. You will collaborate, debate, challenge, question, put forward alternative approaches, move around company assets, hold each other accountable, set shared objectives and focus more on moving the company forward than obsessing over departmental goals.



Our Business and Strategy Development Training Course is facilitated as an in-company program. The course requires a minimum of four delegates. The duration is three days which can be consecutive or scheduled to meet your needs. The programme can be facilitated on your premises or at a venue of your choice


For further information and to talk about tailoring the content of this business and strategy development course by 30%, completely free of charge to address your specific business development challenges. Contact Joy on 077404 30232 or via the web form on our contact us page.


Business and Strategy Development Training Course Aim

  • To assist the strategic management team in developing practical strategies for establishing, promoting and sustaining change in their organisation to enable them to achieve strategic targets
  • To encourage a more pragmatic style of leadership and management that encourages and excites employees to work towards, rather than against, the desired organisational future
    To raise awareness of our natural tendency to seek quick fixes, settle for established patterns of thinking, overthink in an attempt to remove risk and generate security, our failure to test, to prototype and our ability to self-impose limitations when effort does not yield results.

Business and Strategy Development Training Course Learning Objectives

By the end of the three day workshop, you will have acquired a “Strategic Business Planning Toolkit” that will enhance the way you develop and implement strategic plans. Specifically, you will have learnt how to:

  • Recognise and overcome limited thinking traits that lead to flawed solutions
  • Define and use vision, mission and objectives statements as key tools that build a framework for strategic business planning
  • Use strategic business analysis tools to devise a strategic plan
  • Recognise the Critical Success Factors which must be managed and the Key performance indicators that are essential for measurement
  • Identify risks associated with the plans
  • Structure and draw up a strategic business plan
  • Develop operating plans for the implementation of a strategic plan
  • Examine tools and techniques for successful implementation
  • Constantly evaluate success of their business strategies

Refocuses minds away from day to day tasks and towards strategic thinking, business strategy, and business planning. We will consider the practical aspects of strategy development as well as alerting you to some of the pitfalls that may occur. Topics covered include:

  • Exploring and overcoming the limitations of 7 fatal flaws of thinking
  • What is Business Strategy?
  • Differences between strategic and operational management
  • Team Activity Let’s begin by asking questions!
  • The Levels impacted by Strategic Planning
  • What is a KPI? 12 Steps for getting started with KPIs
  • Aligning Business Goals
  • Examining Your Strategies & KPI’s
  • Understanding Balanced Scorecards
  • Three Components of Strategic Management The strategic position, strategic choice and implementation
  • The M Model – Assessing Strengths (Money, Manpower, Markets, Management, Materials, Machinery and Make up The M Model Mapping Resources Activity
  • Mapping Swim Lane Diagrams



Day 2 provides you with a “Strategic Business Planning Toolkit” of techniques used by business planners worldwide. Best practice techniques will be explored and applied to case studies that have been tailored to your unique situation including:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • The McKinsey 7 S model
  • PESTLE Analysis
  • Swim Lane Diagrams
  • Porter’s Five Forces
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Ishikawa / Fishbone Technique
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Using The Goals Grid
  • Decision Calendars
  • Risk Analysis


Day 3 ensures that you can turn your strategic thinking and plans into action plans which can be managed and evaluated. Topics will include:

  • Scenario Planning
  • Constructing a Risk matrix
  • Power and Influence who has it and what is the source of the power? Tapping into power sources to make things happen
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Creating and selling a compelling vision
  • Identifying the competencies required to sustain your plan for the future
  • Master planning session – putting together your strategic plan


Encouraging Collaboration – Our Tool for Creating Leadership Networks

There are clear organisational benefits from connecting leaders in knowledge sharing and in mutual support

Whether you want this Business and Strategy Development Training delivered as consecutive days or separate days over a Business and strategy development training courseperiod of time, we can support your leadership learning and encourage ongoing collaboration.

Noddlepod provides the framework for a valuable community between leaders across the organisation’s departments and offices, allowing leaders to see their own work in the context of the overall strategy and wider activities of the business.

Noddlepod supports the delivery and impact of learning and development programmes by increasing engagement, tapping into the knowledge and experience of the cohort and providing a supportive community in the application of learning.

Spectrain will source activities that are contextualised for your team and push this content to encourage engagement. Any content shared on Noddlepod can be easily accessed and referenced on any device, allowing participants to catch up on learning material or to check in with the community wherever and whenever. Providing the opportunity for participants to reflect on content ahead of training days can lift the level of the discussion in physical workshops and even allow a discussion to continue online.


Ready to go? Time to implement those changes be sure that your leaders have an effective and consistent approach to implementing change with our Change Leadership Training Course


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