Competency Based Training and Development

Competency based training and development

Spectrum Training Services design competency based training and development solutions including, competency based training courses, competency frameworks and competency based blended learning approaches.

Established in 1998 our expertise is in providing strategic training needs analysis and aligning learning and development initiatives to enable individuals in organisations to identify and develop the competencies required to make a significant contribution to achieve business strategy.


While we prefer to ensure training is tailored to your business and its specific competency development needs we can also deliver training from our vast range of training courses and will tailor an existing course up to 30% free of charge to ensure we build a programme that enables focus on the issues that are essential to your business. 


Customers Who Benefit From Our Services Include:


Global Reach


Customers benefit from a range of approaches to competency based business development  including: competency based recruitment and selection,  competency based performance management services also competency framework development and building critical competencies for coaching.


Spectrain’s customers occupy a range of sectors including oil and gas, telecommunications, chemicals, banking & finance and automotive manufacturing.What they all appreciate is our strategic and innovative approach to identifying the competencies required to support business growth and designing flexible learning solutions that are aligned to their specific strategic business needs.


Identifying core business competencies enables organisations to develop strengths that differentiate them and pursue strategies that unify their approach to human resource development. We have recently been working with an organisation to enable them to develop an understanding of the capabilities its global stakeholders value, and  to align leadership competencies with business performance indicators to develop and sustain measurable performance.

Read our latest article if you are interested in cultivating and exploiting core competencies for strategic advantage 

Have Confidence in our Competence!

Spectrain competency development feedbackIdentifying competencies is an activity that contributes to your strategic aims. When guided by a skilled and experienced consultant the activity will enable you to map those business competencies that are of strategic significance and those that are required for a sustainable future. Below are some recent testimonials from valued customers:


Hello Joy, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you very much for all the effort you have put into working with us. I feel we made great strides last Tuesday and it’s only since I’ve had a chance to really think it through today that I fully appreciate the progress we made.
I especially appreciated how you were able to question us so thoroughly and deep dive into what really matters in our organisation. You seem to have a really good ‘grasp’ of how we do things and how it fits together at Jaguar Land Rover which is not easy! I’ll continue to review your inspirational materials and thank you again..
Louise Harrison, Jaguar Landrover Powertrain Capability
We had our first workshop on Monday and it went incredibly well The Organisational Capabilities you challenged us to set have really landed well and seem to be working for our teams in practice, so it’s all starting to feel very ‘real’ now – all very exciting! 
Ruth Noake, Jaguar Landrover
Joy developed competency frameworks for our leadership and administration roles. She further developed training programmes mapped to the competencies to enable our employees to demonstrate and receive feedback on their performance and to identify development needs. Joy’s work provided the foundation for ongoing development of our performance and succession management strategy. Top Qualities Personable, An Expert, with High Integrity.
Robert Hirst, Yemen LNG Company





Fishing for competency
Looking for competency based training and development, management or personal development training materials and resources to enable development of specific competencies…visit

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Competency Based Training and Development

Spectrain’s Standards and Awards

Spectrain have been awarded the status of  “Certified Learning Practitioners”. This standard provides a set of principles by which our competency is measured and assessed in respect to how we conduct business.
Successful outcomes depend on how we interact with people. Capitalizing on what is unique about individuals and drawing on their different perspectives, culture & experiences is essential to the way we deliver our services.
We work with people from a range of cultures, our training courses are delivered across the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Our extensive cross cultural experience enables insight into people’s unique differences.
We will protect & maintain the confidentiality of any information & information assets made available to us. We request respect for our trademarks and copyrights. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office to protect your data under the UK Data Protection Act..
Spectrain The Award Winning Training Company Can be Found on The BILD Register: The Register of Quality Mark Holders – Spectrain are proud to hold The Learning Providers Mark of Distinction
Our executive coaching and mentoring activities provide support and guidance generating greater confidence while developing competence

Spectrain are Recognised By

British Institute for Learning & Development
British Institute for Learning & Development
Joy Wilson at Spectrain is a Fellow of The British Institute for Learning and Development and Spectrain hold The BILD Quality Mark.
Institute of Leadership and Management
Institute of Leadership and Management
Spectrain are recognised by the ILM as providers of accredited competency based training programmes.
Certified Learning Practitioners
Certified Learning Practitioners
Spectrum Training Services are Certified Learning Practitioners. The standard involves assessment to verify our consistent competence and professionalism in respect to our Personal, Operational and Commercial  approach to business transactions.